As tmt contributors we want to keep separately some older, postponed but still valuable ideas for possible future use.

This section contains user stories which are not planned to be implemented in the near future. They still might be useful for inspiration or even might be later resurrected from the sleep.


Gates relevant for testing

As a user I want to easily enable plan for selected gates.


This is a draft, the story is not implemented yet.

Multiple gates can be defined in the process of releasing a change. Currently we define the following gates:


block merging a pull request into a git branch


attaching a build to an erratum / bodhi update


block adding a build to a compose


block releasing an erratum / bodhi update

Each plan can define one or more gates it should be blocking. Attached is an example of configuring multiple gates.


            summary: All code must comply with the PEP8 style guide
            # Do not allow ugly code to be merged into the main branch
                - merge-pull-request
            summary: Run pylint to catch common problems (no gating)
            summary: Basic smoke test (Tier1)
            # Basic smoke test is used by three gates
                - merge-pull-request
                - add-build-to-update
                - add-build-to-compose
            summary: Verify important features
        # This enables the 'release-update' gate for all three plans
            - release-update
            summary: Run all Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 tests
            summary: Security tests (extra job to get quick results)
            summary: Integration tests with related components

Status: idea


Provide way similar to git rebase –interactive


This is a draft, the story is not implemented yet.

Provide users with list of steps and let them edit them. Allow adding commands between, or at least interactive “pause”. When user would be finished with single step, just continue recipe. Do not force users to remember all steps when working with them. Make it possible to repeat single step or abort current run. Allow repeating some steps just by repeating lines with task.


tmt run --all --interactive
tmt run --continue
tmt run --abort

Status: idea


As a tester I want the option to execute tests using the ``restraint`` harness.


This is a draft, the story is not implemented yet.

Restraint is the default harness in beaker for RHEL8 and beyond. In order to provide compatibility with beaker style tests, I would like a way to invoke tmt using the Restaint harness. This would enable Restraint tests to be invoked by tmt without modification. Some common commands include rstrnt-reboot, rstrnt-abort, and rstrnt-report-result.

Although implementation of the full execute step plugin has been deferred, backward compatibility scripts have been provided for several most commonly used restraint commands:


Abort test execution


Reboot during test


Save a log file


Report test result


tmt run --all execute --how restraint

Status: idea