As a command line user I want to have all essential documentation at hand.


As a new user I would like to experiment with the tool.

A couple of instructive examples should be included in the package for easy first experimenting. Examples should be stored under the /usr/share/doc directory.


cd /usr/share/doc/tmt/examples
cd mini
tmt test ls
tmt plan ls
tmt run

Status: implemented and verified


As a user migrating from old tools I want to quickly learn how to achieve my common daily tasks with the new tooling.


This is a draft, the story is not implemented yet.

Provide a Quick Start Guide describing the most common scenarios and showing mapping of old command to the new syntax.


How do I do '1minutetip fedora' with tmt?
How do I do 'wow --reserve' with tmt?
How do I do 'make run' with tmt?

Status: idea


As a command line user I want to quickly check all available options and supported commands.

All available options should be easily discoverable directly from the command line using the --help option.


tmt --help
tmt run --help
tmt test import --help

Status: implemented and verified


As a command line user I want to check the man page to get a basic overview about the tool.

There should be a manual page available in the package. Man page should contain brief introduction about the tool and a list of essential commands and options.


man tmt

Status: implemented and verified